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Group picture with Tejol of Breathing Space
Posted: Tuesday, March 13, 2018.

Our Advertising and PR course in EMDI is also embedded with several interesting agency visits. This adds on to industry exposure which aids in understaning Brand Communication at grass root level.

Our real quirky bunch of Ad & PR students had a great time spending with a great personality “Tejol Kolwalkar”.

Who is HE?

From the creative realm called Breathing Space, an agency that turns a thought into a colorful reality, “Tejol Kolwalkar” is a brilliant bud who has been sharing his artistic skills in Advertising Sector to our Wonderful students.

Tejol Kolwalkar og Breathing Space

Tejol Kolwalkar og Breathing Space

We are grateful to Breathing Space for giving our Advertising and PR students the opportuinity to be part of this Agency Visit.

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