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Eligibility: Graduation in any field
Duration: 6 months, Saturdays only
  • Orientation
  • Introduction to Event Management & Wedding Planning
  • Wedding Planner Profile
  • Wedding Planning Stages
  • Wedding Cultures
  • Destination Weddings
  • Creativity in Weddings & Theme Weddings
  • Market Visits
  • Wedding Invitation & Gifting
  • Wedding Photography & Wedding Video
  • Wedding Venue – Layouts – Reece
  • Wedding Catering
  • Vendor Management & Licensing
  • Technical – Sound & Light – Reece
  • Wedding Set-up Décor
  • Budgeting
  • Client Meeting & Closing Presentation and Sales
  • Presentation and Sales
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Evaluation: Project and Written Exam
The Wedding Planning Program
If weddings are your passion, then The Wedding Planning Program is the perfect course for you. Our Wedding Planning Course trains you in the art of planning and executing dream weddings, where you will be able to create the most unique and memorable experiences for the couple.
Fun Facts : The Wedding Industry The number of weddings in the world is estimated at 1,15,000 wedding ceremonies each day and growing. Wedding planning makes up a multi-billion-dollar industry globally. In India itself according to a survey done by Technopak Advisors in 2010, there are about 10 million weddings in India in a year. They estimate a total of Rs 1,00,000 cr as the estimated total spends by people on weddings in one year. This would be broken up as a spend of Rs 30,000 cr on jewellery, Rs 10,000 cr on apparel, and Rs 30,000 cr on household items. They estimate expenditure on wedding arrangements, F&B, design/décor itself would amount to Rs 40,000 cr.
The Curriculum Overview
Course Overview This course provides an overview of the Wedding Planning Business (globally and locally). The course covers all aspects of Wedding Planning from a management and event perspective. This would include themes, concepts, understanding of traditions, selection of suitable locations/venues, event timelines and budgets. This course focuses on Wedding Planning alone, and does not cover other aspects of general event management. Duration: Six months (Diploma Course) Lecture days: Only once a week – (Saturdays only) Timings: 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm Application form fees: INR 500/-

  • Creatively ideate, organize, and plan a wedding; present the plan to the prospective bride and groom
  • Understand different wedding traditions and customs, and their impact on wedding celebrations
  • Understand all logistical and creative elements involved in organizing a wedding
  • Present a financial budget to clients; chalk out a wedding plan based on the tight budget/master the art of convincing the client to increase their budget based on the creative concept and ideas presented
  • Work out/negotiate for best deals on F&B / Venue / Printing / Floral / Gift Registries, etc.
  • Work on international best practices, case studies, and provide excellent service
  • Handle crisis arising during weddings calmly and professionally
  • Prepare and execute planned and well-organized wedding checklists
  • Start your own wedding planning company
For our course, we offer internship and placement assistance. Working on weddings during the course is part of the training. Students will be taken to see wedding build-ups, have workshops with Floral Designers and Decors, and experience all facets of wedding management. At the end of the course, subject to the candidate’s performance, attendance, attitude and knowledge, their CV’s will be sent to different wedding planning companies for placements. Also, the industry faculty which will visit the institute during the course will the tapped upon for placements and internships.. The practical training derived from this will be of immense value as you will gain the opportunity to network within the industry and be assessed as potential employees during your internship.
  • Fill the application form (Available at the institute)
  • Meet and greet for a personal round of interaction with the Course Director
  • Pay the fees and complete the admission process
Orientation: After the admission, classes commence with an orientation, wherein students are welcomed to the program with a specially designed welcome kit and an introductory workshop is conducted.

  • Fees inclusive of The Wedding Planning Course Tuition Fees/Library Fees/Examination Fees/Practical Training Fees
  • Fees do not include: Travel/Transport, F&B, Photocopying Fees, etc.
  • Fees once paid are non-refundable