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KC College Event Media Summit
Posted: Monday, February 19, 2018.

Media, not only as a “source of information”, rather with the gripping power of influence have captured our minds.
To the like minded its a revelation, to the rest its evolving.

It is a major honor for EMDI to be associated with K.C. College’s
5th KCC International Media Summit 2018 to present “MEDIAMORPHOSIS”. One of our mentors & advisory board member Mr. Nagesh Alai will be present as one of the panellist.

“Small minds discuss people; average minds discuss events; great minds discuss idea.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

We are thrilled to share this moment with you all, as this 5th KCC International Media Summit 2018 shall be graced by eminent personalities, one of which is our own “Nagesh Alai” as a panel member.

KCC 5th Media Summit panelist members

KCC 5th Media Summit panelist members